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Electric Diffuser with 10ml Lemongrass Essential Oil - Charming Pink Colour Electric Diffuser with 10ml Lemongrass Essential Oil - Charming Pink Colour
Electric Diffuser with 10ml Lemongrass Essential Oil - Charming Pink Colour
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Electric Diffuser with 10ml Lemongrass Essential Oil - Off White Colour With Black Dots Electric Diffuser with 10ml Lemongrass Essential Oil - Off White Colour With Black Dots
Electric Diffuser with 10ml Lemongrass Essential Oil - Off White Colour With Black Dots
Sale priceRs. 800.00 Regular priceRs. 1,000.00
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Electric Diffuser with 10ml Lemongrass Essential Oil - White With Black Dots Colour Electric Diffuser with 10ml Lemongrass Essential Oil - White With Black Dots Colour
Electric Diffuser with 10ml Lemongrass Essential Oil - White With Black Dots Colour
Sale priceRs. 800.00 Regular priceRs. 1,000.00
1 review
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Electric Diffuser with 10ml Lemongrass Essential Oil - Ivory Colour Electric Diffuser with 10ml Lemongrass Essential Oil - Ivory Colour
Electric Diffuser with 10ml Lemongrass Essential Oil - Ivory Colour
Sale priceRs. 1,900.00 Regular priceRs. 2,370.00
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Amazing packing and refreshing taste of the syrup. Tried the solid wax with fragrance.. Must say they are awesome.


Looking forward to your products! I have my friends & colleagues buying from your phoenix store for entire team, especially the wax perfumes


I brought the Samruddhi Fragrance : The fragrance creates a very calm, meditative, subtle atmosphere for clarity of thought at the chaotic workplace.

Dr. Sharon

I used to keep waking up through the night because I’d always be stressed about the brides on the next day. I really had to do something to sleep better. I started doing this quick simple DIY and I can tell for sure it work 100%. I started doing this quick simple DIY with Sugandhim's lavender essential oil, and I can tell for sure it works 100%. It’s scientifically proven to induce better, deep sleep & relaxation.

Mausam Gandhi

Found it on Amazon and ordered it. I’m happy with what I received. The smell is strong and very little is needed on your body and it’s long lasting as well. Great deal. Thank you Sugandhim


Recently ordered essential oil and loved the quality and fragrance of the product. Helped me to release stress and get sound sleep.


Best product (Fragrance Diffuser ) . My office, my house got the best fragrance which really helps to elevate my life condition… Thank you so much. I really stopped all the previous products after using this. You are the best guys

Manoj Kamble

The owner of this shop is a gem of a person.Great products and at affordable prices, despite being inside a mall

Shruti Pandey

Been using these products for more that 4-5 years now and i can vouch that is the only brand that is 100% natural. The fragrances are very very good and the prices are very affordable. I just wish there were discounts or offers,

Nikhil Alvarez

Enhance Your Home Ambience with Sugandhim's Electric Aroma Diffuser

Who doesn't like to walk into a room that has a pure, fresh, and soothing fragrance around? Sugandhim's electric aroma diffusers not only infuse your home with these delightful fragrances but also elevate the atmosphere, leaving your guests in awe of your home's inviting ambiance. 

But our diffusers offer more than just captivating aromas; they bring therapeutic benefits to your daily life when paired with essential oils. Crafted with a focus on your well-being, our electric diffusers are designed to revitalize your mood and enhance your health. 

Immersing yourself in these enchanting fragrances can have a profound impact on your overall wellness, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and invigorated.

Imagine returning home after a long day's work, eagerly anticipating the embrace of a stress-releasing ambiance.

At Sugandhim, we're dedicated to elevating your energy and focus levels through a diverse selection of fragrances. Whatever aroma brings you peace and tranquillity, our range of home electric diffusers has the perfect option for you. Rediscover the power of scent to transform your everyday experiences. 

Uplift your ambiance and mood with our exquisite range of candle aroma diffuser, making every moment a celebration of well-being and style. Immerse yourself in the enchanting fragrances, curated for your rejuvenation and invigoration, as you embrace the therapeutic benefits of our thoughtfully crafted electric diffusers.

Experience a World of Aromatic Bliss: Sugandhim's Unique Electric Diffuser Collection

All our diffusers at Sugandhim smell great and are the best alternatives to your scented candles. With our wide range of collections, you can infuse your house with a variety of aromas by just setting up our electric aroma diffusers. 

Whether you want to make your bathroom, office, or living room feel fresh, we have the right set of aromatic diffusers to meet your purpose.

The best thing about having Sugandhim diffusers is you have an abundance of options to choose from at every season. If you find yourself enchanted by floral fragrances in one season but yearn for a different ambiance as winter arrives, we have you covered. Simply return to our store, where you can choose from an abundance of scents that cater to your changing moods and seasons.

Indians share a profound affection for aromas like mogra, Champa, lavender, sandalwood, lemongrass and other timeless scents. Explore our collection to discover the quintessential fragrances that resonate with your senses and elevate your living spaces. 

We make sure that you won’t have to smell those temporary flowers or room sprays to get your favourite aromatic vibe. Get your selected electric aroma diffuser from us today!

Exploring the Magic of Sugandhim's Electric Aroma Diffuser India

Our diffusers are more than just delightful fragrances; they are gateways to an enriched lifestyle. Here's why you'll love them:

Aromatherapy: Immerse yourself in the therapeutic world of aromatherapy. Our diffusers allow you to inhale essential oils, promoting relaxation, reducing stress, improving mood, and addressing various health issues. Explore the profound effects of different essential oils through an aroma diffuser for the home.

Improved Air Quality: Enhance the purity and humidity of your living space. Sugandhim's electric aroma diffusers disperse essential oils into the air, making them perfect for dry or polluted environments. Breathe in the freshness.

Respiratory Health: Support your respiratory well-being with diffused essential oils like eucalyptus or peppermint, which can alleviate congestion and allergies, making breathing easier.

Stress Reduction: Discover the soothing and relaxing scents of essential oils like mogra or lemongrass. Our diffusers can help reduce stress and anxiety, creating an oasis of calm and well-being.

Improved Sleep: Create a tranquil atmosphere conducive to better sleep with sleep-promoting essential oils and enjoy a restful night's sleep.

Mood Enhancement: Uplift your spirits with the invigorating scents of citrus or floral fragrances, creating a cheerful and inspiring atmosphere.

Enhanced Focus and Concentration: Boost your mental clarity, focus, and productivity with oils like rosemary or peppermint. Diffuse them while working or studying for improved concentration.

It also acts as a natural insect repellent.

They outshine scented candles as they last longer and offer a more enduring aroma for you to enjoy.

 How does an Electric Aroma Diffuser Work? 

An electric aroma diffuser is a compact device that comes with a container filled with Sugandhim aroma oils. We offer both small and long-necked aroma oil bottles that you can easily pour into the electric diffuser. These electric diffusers are designed to absorb the fragrance or essential oils and then disperse their aroma throughout the room, offering various modes for customization.

The working of an electric aroma diffuser online in India is quite clear, as it emits fragrance oils into the air in the form of small particles. As these aromatic oils are beneficial, you will be breathing them in, which will not just give you a pleasant aroma but will also be absorbed by your body to help you relax your body and mind.

The electric aroma diffuser operates with multiple settings designed to disperse the aroma in various ways. Whether you prefer occasional bursts of fragrance or a continuous scent diffusion, simply connect the device to power and select your desired settings by toggling the controls on the device. 

There are different sizes and types of electric aroma diffusers in India for you to opt for, and you just have to refill the dedicated container with your preferred Sugandhim’s aroma essential oils to create a perfect ambiance. Sugandhim brings you the best aromas for your electric diffuser!

What is the Best Electric Aroma Diffuser Online India?

A stressful day at work can be really frustrating at times. Returning home to take in the aromatic pleasure of the electric aroma diffusers is what can calm down your senses and help you rest peacefully. You will find your energies revived to take on the challenges for the next day.
There's no one choice fit for all when it comes to buying the best electric aroma diffuser in India. Some might like mogra, while others might go for lavender. If not that, there are sandals and lemongrass, too! Sugandhim has a long array of options when it comes to helping you all choose the best diffusers as per your taste.
Spend enough time at the store to decide what aroma triggers your peace. You won't need a flower or a sampler to test the fragrance; the one we adore reveals its essence even in your imagination right when you read its name!

Your Best Choice for Buying Electric Aroma Diffusers Online in India

Sugandhim is the best brand for you to buy electric aroma diffusers online in India because of its widened collection of fragrance oils. Whether you are using a diffuser for the first time or have already been using it for a while now, Sugandhim will be a staple in your house once you bring these bottles in.
The pricing is very nominal, as you don't have to spend a fortune on bringing in your favourite fragrance to the house. Get a single bottle of your favourite electric aroma diffuser online in India and experience the soothingness it has to offer. Once you are satisfied with it, we have combo packs for you to count on.
Every single 10ml bottle of Sugandhim fragrance diffuser you buy is Rs. 180, which is something very nominal for a product of such top-notch quality. We have priced it less to ensure our fragrances are loved in every house in India. We are on a mission to give you a relaxed living experience at your residence with the electric diffuser. So, buy the best electric aroma diffuser in India from Sugandhim!


The ideal size of an electric aroma diffuser varies depending on the intended use and the size of the area you wish to fragrance. For small spaces such as bedrooms or offices, compact diffusers with a capacity of 100-200 milliliters are suitable, providing a subtle and localized fragrance. Medium-sized rooms, such as living rooms or kitchens, benefit from diffusers with a capacity of 200-500 milliliters, ensuring a more extensive distribution of fragrance. Larger areas, such as open-concept spaces or multiple interconnected rooms, may require diffusers with a capacity of 500 milliliters or more to effectively disperse the aroma throughout the entire space. Consider the room size and your scent preferences when selecting the ideal electric aroma diffuser for your specific needs.

Using an electric aroma diffuser is a simple and enjoyable process. Begin by selecting a suitable location for the diffuser on a flat, stable surface. Fill the water tank with clean water, ensuring not to exceed the maximum fill line. Add a few drops of your preferred essential oil or fragrance into the water. Next, connect the diffuser to a power source and switch it on. Adjust the settings, such as mist intensity and timer, according to your preferences. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing aroma as it fills the room, creating a serene and inviting ambiance. Regularly clean and maintain the diffuser as per the manufacturer's instructions for optimal performance and longevity.

Yes, Sugandhim electric aroma diffusers are generally safe for children when used according to the manufacturer's instructions and with appropriate supervision. It's important to use child-friendly essential oils and fragrances that are suitable for their age. Additionally, ensure that the diffuser is placed out of reach of young children to prevent accidental tampering or spillage. As a precaution, consider using diffusers intermittently in well-ventilated areas and consult a pediatrician if you have any concerns or specific health considerations for your child.

At Sugandhim, our top-selling aroma diffuser is the 'Electric Aroma Diffuser.' Celebrated for its sophisticated design, advanced functionalities, and outstanding fragrance diffusion, this diffuser provides a seamless and tranquil aromatherapy experience. The Electric Aroma Diffuser effortlessly blends functionality with a stylish aesthetic, enhancing any space it graces. Its whisper-quiet operation and customizable settings have made it a favorite among our customers, creating a serene ambiance in homes, offices, and various environments.

Sugandhim's electric aroma diffusers are designed with safety in mind and are generally safe for the lungs when used with high quality, pure essential oils or fragrance oils. It is important to ensure proper ventilation while using the diffuser and to select high-grade, natural essential oils that are suitable for your respiratory well-being. If you have any pre-existing respiratory conditions, we recommend consulting a healthcare professional before using Sugandhim's electric aroma diffusers to ensure that they align with your specific health requirements.

A Sugandhim’s electric diffuser consumes minimal electricity while in operation, which makes it a highly energy efficient product. They are crafted to offer optimal performance while maintaining a low energy footprint, making them an economical and environmentally conscious choice for your aromatic needs. With their efficient power usage, you can enjoy the benefits of captivating fragrances and a tranquil ambiance without significantly impacting your electricity consumption.

Yes, you can sleep with a Sugandhim electric diffuser on, ensuring the room is adequately ventilated and following the recommended usage guidelines provided by Sugandhim. To promote a peaceful sleep, consider using calming essential oils such as Sugandhim's lavender or chamomile, known for their soothing and relaxing properties. Additionally, set the diffuser to intermittent mode or use a timer to regulate its operation, allowing for a restful night's sleep without continuous diffusion.

The recommended usage time for electric diffusers varies depending on the type of diffuser, the size of the room, and the concentration of essential oils used. For most standard-sized rooms, it is generally recommended to use the diffuser for 30 minutes to 1 hour at a time, allowing for intermittent diffusion throughout the day. Avoid continuous usage for an extended period to prevent overexposure to the fragrance and ensure a balanced and pleasant aroma in the space.