Panch Tattva Pruthvi(Earth), Jal(Water), Vayu(Air), Aaaksh(Space) which forms the true essence of Ayurvedic literature

Pruthvi is the solid matter that we feel is the prithvi itself and the sensation of smell is the core of this matter
Jal exists in the universe as a force of attraction. The taste of sensation being it’s a key factor
Agni is the element of high energy in existence, is related to the sense of sight or Rupa with jnanendriya being eyes and karmendriya being feet.
Vayu has a role in existence as motion and is related to the sense of touch. The jnanendriya being skin and karmendriya being hands, Vayu of outer world is experienced.
Aakash is related to the sense of hearing, the jnanendriya is ear and the karmendirya is vocals or mouth.

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The ideology of Sugandhim is based on this Vedicmantra, which talks about the sovereign power of natural fragrances that can take the standard of living to great heights. Also the Panch Tattva” – Pruthvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Vayu (Air), & Aakash (Space) which forms the true essence of Ayurvedic literature.


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