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Balm Roll On - 7ml
Sale priceRs. 200.00
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Cough & Cold Roll on - 8mlX2
Sale priceRs. 350.00
2 reviews
Gastric Acidity Oil - 10ml
Sale priceRs. 320.00
No reviews
Pain Relief Oil - 100ml
Sale priceRs. 460.00
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Healing Oil Pair (Pain Relief Oil & St. John Wort Oil) 100ml
Sale priceRs. 960.00
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St. John's Wort Oil - 100ml
Sale priceRs. 500.00
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Balm Oil in Apricot Oil - 100ml
Sale priceRs. 390.00
1 review
Floral Balm - 30g
Sale priceRs. 400.00
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Natures Pharmacy - 6 Healing Oils
Sale priceRs. 2,220.00
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Amazing packing and refreshing taste of the syrup. Tried the solid wax with fragrance.. Must say they are awesome.


Looking forward to your products! I have my friends & colleagues buying from your phoenix store for entire team, especially the wax perfumes


I brought the Samruddhi Fragrance : The fragrance creates a very calm, meditative, subtle atmosphere for clarity of thought at the chaotic workplace.

Dr. Sharon

I used to keep waking up through the night because I’d always be stressed about the brides on the next day. I really had to do something to sleep better. I started doing this quick simple DIY and I can tell for sure it work 100%. I started doing this quick simple DIY with Sugandhim's lavender essential oil, and I can tell for sure it works 100%. It’s scientifically proven to induce better, deep sleep & relaxation.

Mausam Gandhi

Found it on Amazon and ordered it. I’m happy with what I received. The smell is strong and very little is needed on your body and it’s long lasting as well. Great deal. Thank you Sugandhim


Recently ordered essential oil and loved the quality and fragrance of the product. Helped me to release stress and get sound sleep.


Best product (Fragrance Diffuser ) . My office, my house got the best fragrance which really helps to elevate my life condition… Thank you so much. I really stopped all the previous products after using this. You are the best guys

Manoj Kamble

The owner of this shop is a gem of a person.Great products and at affordable prices, despite being inside a mall

Shruti Pandey

Been using these products for more that 4-5 years now and i can vouch that is the only brand that is 100% natural. The fragrances are very very good and the prices are very affordable. I just wish there were discounts or offers,

Nikhil Alvarez