Mystic Aura Agarbatti
Mystic Aura Incense Stick
Mystic Aura Incense Stick
Mystic Aura Prayer/incense Stick
Mystic Aura Incense Stick
Significance Of Handmade Prayer Sticks
Ingredients In Mystic Aura Incense Stick
Mystic Aura Prayer/incense Stick
Mystic Aura Incense Stick

Mystic Aura Handmade Prayer Stick - 50gms

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SUGANDHIM MYSTIC AURA or WOODS, which is a HANDMADE INCENSE STICK or also popularly known as AGARBATTI in India, is a unique woody formulation with all its natural goodness that purifies your ambience and promotes tranquility.

Mystic aura or woods are a type of incense that is made from natural wood powders and resins. They are typically used to create a warm, earthy aroma that is reminiscent of a forest or a natural setting.

They are also handmade so we avoid using any harsh chemicals that may be present in store-bought incense sticks.


At home, during meditation or yoga, in religious or spiritual ceremonies, In massage or spa settings, In offices or workplaces etc.

Mystic Aura Handmade prayer stick or Agarbbati -

* Aromatherapy: A positive effect on the mind and body.

* Meditation aid.

* Spiritual and cultural significance.

* Masking smoke odour: The strong odour of cigarette smoke, pet smell etc making the environment smell fresher and more pleasant.                                               

(It's important to note, It's always recommended to quit smoking for the sake of your health).

1. Place your incense stick in an appropriate incense burner that will collect the ash as it falls. 2. Light the end of the incense stick until a flame is established. ... 3. Gently extinguish by blowing or fanning out the flame.
Bamboo Stick 
Jiggit Powder 
Charcoal Dust Powder 
Halmaddi Resin also known as Ailanthus Triphysa INCLUDES - 50gms - approximately, 35 sticks

* Always make sure to burn them in a well-ventilated area.

* Away from flammable objects and materials, and never leave them unattended.

* If you or anyone around you experiences any discomfort, irritation, or allergic reactions, discontinue use immediately.

Country of Origin: India

Marketed by: G-35, Gokuldham Shopping Centre, Krishna Vatika Marg, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400063

Manufacturer: Nishant Aromas Pvt. Ltd. - Plot No. 30, 31 & 61, Sec - 1B, IIE, Sidcul, Haridwar - 249403 . [Uttarakhand]

Date of Expiry: 2 year