Air Freshener Sandal - 100ml
Air Freshener Sandal - 100ml
Air Freshener Sandal - 100ml
Air Freshener Sandal - 100ml
Air Freshener Sandal - 100ml
Air Freshener Sandal - 100ml

Air Freshener Sandal - 100ml

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A happy home is a healthy home, and it all begins with the air you & your loved ones breathe!

SUGANDHIM SANDAL Air Freshener is 100% water-based and made with the divine water of the Holy Ganges. Famously also known as CHANDAN, the soft fragrance promotes positive thinking, clarity, aids concentration and has a cooling effect. This fragrance transports you to a blissful state of tranquil!

Did you know?

Our olfactory senses when exposed to soothing fragrances can have a relaxing & calming effect. So, all you need is to breathe..breathe happy with SUGANDHIM AIR FRESHENERS!

 Sandalwood/Santalum Album is one of the most precious scents around the globe that carries an exotic, woody, and warm fragrance. Its incredibly light and musky character makes it a perfect base note. Odour Profile – Rich, Sweet and Earthy.

~ 100% Natural & Water based air fresheners.

~ Completely safe for the environment and causes no pollution or irritability.

~ Contains no harmful gas, no alcohol , no strong odour agents or harsh chemicals.

~ KIDS & PETS friendly product.

~ Long lasting fragrance, that works with a push.

~ A traditional festive scent that calms the mind and helps in meditation.

~ Water - based , non flammable formula makes it extremely safe for use.

~ Freshen up your home, temple, bathroom, office and other spaces in a natural way!The spray may last up to 1000 sprays & area coverage is approximately, 250 sq ft.

Shake well before spraying. Just a few sprays in the center of the room can make the entire room fragrant. Cover it with its cap after use.
SANTALUM ALBUM or Sandalwood Essential Oil GANGA WATER - The divine water of our Holy Ganges adds to the pure ambience.

Do not place the product under direct sunlight.

Do not spray near the flame.

Avoid contact with eyes. If it enters your eye, wash your eyes with water and consult a physician.